Why not forcing wayland on vscode in Bluefin-DX?

First of all, sorry for my english. It sucks. And secondly vscode on bluefin-dx runs on xwayland which makes it really blurry with any kind of scaling, but when I forced wayland on vscode with " code --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=$XDG_SESSION_TYPE
" then it was sharp and no problems with title bars as usually (idk why). It would be just changing one line of a code.desktop file.
Sorry if I wasted your time, but I don’t know where is the bluefin-dx github repository

It’s okay, no worries :heart:

By default, yes, like Chromium-based software (so Electron too)

On Nvidia GPUs* if I’m not mistaken

Yes, but it probably then broke Hardware Acceleration (see Chromium)
Could you check?

There are a whole lot more of issues with Chromium and Wayland

I thought it’s the problem with wayland and fractional scaling. I have AMD GPU.

oh, I just realized that the hardware acceleration broke

thank you so much

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