Using Tailscale

Congrats on the Bluefin coming of age! She’s real pretty!
I have a lot of questions but I’m gonna start with 2 :wink: :

  1. what is the difference between black box and the terminal and when should I use one over the other?
  2. I want to experiment with Tailscale but when I run the install script in black box I’m getting this:
curl -fsSL | sh
Installing Tailscale for fedora, using method dnf
+ sudo dnf install -y 'dnf-command(config-manager)'
sudo: dnf: command not found

from what I understood of Silverblue and Bluefin is that I cannot install new apps on the system but I need to do that through distrobox…
Thanks for your help

Tailscale is already installed, you can just fire up the tailscale binary. And then you can find the extension in the Extensions Manager if you want a gui for it.

The blackbox terminal is intended for use with distroboxes that ship with it and the gnome-terminal is there for a host terminal if you need it, but we’re hoping to consolidate both and just use the prompt terminal when it’s ready. Hope that helps!

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That’s great! thanks

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