My Bluefin Story: From Windows to Bluefin as Daily Driver

I’d been using Windows daily since Windows XP. After trying Windows 11, I finally realized it was the right time to drop Windows for daily driving.

When it comes to Linux, my first introduction to Ubuntu Linux was in my school computer room. Frankly, I didn’t like Linux back in the days :grinning:

Consequently, I kept using Windows (because I was gaming on it as well). However, I stayed curious and tried different Linux systems, in the meantime. Several inconveniences kept me from using Linux as daily driver:

  • Not user friendly for Windows users
  • Lack of the same/similar apps on Linux
  • Performance issues
  • Breakage and/or instability after updates
  • Fear of standing out of the crowd (as Windows is still norm around me)

Why I choose Bluefin as daily-driver:

  • Bluefin is not as overwhelming as Windows
  • Bluefin is faster than Windows
  • BLuefin has better privacy than Windows out of the box
  • Bluefin has important stuff installed out of the box - time saver
  • Dash to Dock → Intelligent Autohide is amazing
  • I’m no longer worried about system breakage or instability :relieved:
  • I love Intuitive Bluefin interface for increased focus and productivity
  • I love Beautiful GTK apps
  • @j0rge is a great guy (and I’m not flatterer)
  • Friendly community and members

To conclude, I’m aware Bluefin is not the perfect (yet), but the project is improving. Thank you all maintainers and contributors! I will keep recommending Bluefin!

P.S I do have an old Windows 10 machine for some apps not yet available as web app or flatpaks.


Love this story.

Mine is similar, but as a business (non-technical user) wanting to learn to code. I’ve used Linux off/on since 2002, starting with Ubuntu, then Fedora, NixOS, Silverblue and, now Bluefin. The preconfigured Bluefin UX is amazing, even though most of mostly I use browser-based apps + Flatpak (Obsidian) and other Electron apps.

Many, many thanks Jorge for your hard work, vision and follow-through. Happy to contribute…lmk how.

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