Lenovo Legion Go Support

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to announce that the Lenovo Legion Go is now feature complete as of the latest update. We’ve added a patch to gamescope that corrects the refresh rate issue with invalid rates being selected between 60 and 144.

This means, assuming you’ve followed the alternative handheld section of our readme that you can now enjoy full feature-parity with the Steam Deck on your Lenovo Legion Go.

As always, let us know if anything else can be improved!

View the Handheld Wiki for more information on post-setup instructions.


Hi! Thanks, that’s amazing news!
Just a quick thing, I’ve tested it, and it works in gamescopeUI, but the moment I launch any game, it behaves like it behaved pre update, the screen produced a static and there’s no way to revert it, unless you plug in an external monitor.

Is the feature meant to be functional yet, or has it just been implemented , but it’s not really usable for the time being ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just updated, selecting any Hz other than 60/144 still results in static.

Not sure if this was supposed to be fixed or if the fix is just stopping you selecting an unsupported Hz when using unified refresh rate slider.

Using CRU on windows allows you to set any Hz between 35-144, so the screen definitely supports alternate refresh rates. It’s just a matter of getting it worked into Bazzite.

the only refresh rates supported on the Legion Go hardware + Linux is 60hz and 144hz, you need to enable the unified frame rate slider for to get the intended functionality.

You should not be able to select a rate other than 60/144, can you provide an rpm-ostree status?

Try changing your refresh rate, it may be stuck on an old value prior to the update.

you can still set arbitrary refresh rates if you disable the unified slider.

It’s the unified slider that’s fully fixed and functional now.

and basically everybody should use the unified slider on the LGO with bazzite, the non-unified sliders aren’t usable.

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Hello. I installed it on Legion Go and am very pleased. But… When the game is running in game mode, pressing the power button sends the device to reboot. or the screen extinguishes for a short time and returns to the active state again. The rest of the time the sleep mode works fine. What did I do wrong, or is this a known bug?

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I love what you have done.

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this was a suspend bug, should be fixed on the latest bazzite release


Does bazzite OS support pressure sensitive click haptics on the touchpad?

I noticed a lot of people seeming to mention that this didn’t work? Shouldn’t that be on the list of things to implement since it seems it is supported on Windows.

Question about legion go support does bazzite work with the systems FPS mode? I’ve been looking around for something related to this topic but I can’t seem to find anything. If anyone has any ideas can you point me to the right direction?

Yes, that is fully supported.

Does it support steam’s gyro to mouse thing? Or any way to support something similar?

It does, configured through steam the same as you would on a deck.

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Hi there! i’m testing bazzite on my legion go, and i have a dock connected to an external 4k tv and i’m not able to make it work… is this some config i’m missing or is this not supported yet?