Contributing to Bazzite



Bazzite is an image from Universal Blue and you should follow Universal Blue’s contribution guidelines before proceeding. Also read our documentation guidelines if contributing to documentation.

Check out the Bazzite’s issue tracker to see what issues users are currently experiencing. Also check out the current roadmap for Universal Blue. There is also a forum for general Universal Blue contributions.

Contributing to Bazzite

  • Adding features or fixing bugs by submitting a pull request.
  • Reporting issues you experience on our issue tracker.
  • Adding and contributing to documentation.
  • Language translations are encouraged.
  • Testing Bazzite on unique hardware configurations.
    • Troubleshooting issues with handheld hardware is appreciated.

Building Your Own Bazzite

Instructions found here:

If you feel comfortable with bash scripting, programming, working with containers, or anything upstream (Fedora, Flatpak, etc.) then feel free to contribute to Bazzite if you have want to add a feature or bug fix.

Building your own Bazzite will give you a sandbox to play in with your own personal changes to it. Also, this can be your own version of Bazzite to daily drive. This is useful to receive the same updates upstream, but with your spin on it with differences that we cannot or will not include regarding specific packages, drivers, etc.

Alternative Method

Using the unaffiliated BlueBuild project to build your own Bazzite.

See also: Fork Your Own Image

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