Authentication Often Required Twice

Am I the only one that often needs to authenticate often twice ?

Is answering to either of the two enough ?

If your GNOME user password is the same as your keyring password, it will unlock automatically when you log in. It also won’t be automatically unlocked if you logged in using fingerprint unlock.

If your keyring uses a different password, you’ll have to enter it again when you launch apps such as Chromium or Spotify after a fresh boot.

If you want to set the keyring password to the same password as your user: Passwords and Keys → right click on Login → Change Password and enter the password you use for your user. After this, if you log out (or reboot) and log in again or using your user password, the keyring should also be automatically unlocked.

It’s the case already

Okay, can you provide more information? E.g. in what scenarios does this happen, affected apps, if you have auto-login enabled, etc.

I have auto-login enabled

I think it happens when I didn’t have to pass through the lock screen to show the desktop;
For example when it goes in rest mode and turns the screen black

The problem is that it shows two windows
The “unskipable” one in the screenshot, and other behind it, which doesn’t close after having successfully passed the first

I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I have enabled luks tpm unlock

This is your problem, if you didn’t enter your password during login, the keyring will not be unlocked. Try disabling auto-login.

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Oh okay, I will try that when I get home, thanks !

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By the way, I don’t know where to find the app that window come from and it seems nice to handle my GPG and SSH keys, could you tell me where to locate it? (Bluefin)

Sure, it’s Passwords and Keys/Seahorse if you don’t already have it.

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