Rename "Aurora" to "Bluefin KDE" and "Aurora-DX" to "Bluefin-DX KDE"

I think this solves it nicely right here. At the end of the day, I don’t really care what it is called. I do think that Bluefin is a great name though.

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Naming is hard. I know naming wizards, I’m not one of them.
IME skill in naming is rare among software). developers.

A few years ago, I got a birthday present from a dear friend who is a naming savant. It was a company name, and the result was a PDF that described the process and identity kit. If you have a chance to get a proper naming exercise, it’s worth it.

…When you make something that is actually different, it’s good to stand out (“Bazzite” doesn’t mean many things)

Aurora, Atomic, Bluefin, Core, Universal, are all common words and easily confused with other things.

I think it’s pretty cool that everyone has a different name they prefer - it’s not the end of the world, but I think it shows everyone is invested in uBlue, Bluefin, and Aurora as a whole.

That said, it’s pretty much about preferences and what we think makes the best organizational and PR/branding sense.

My opinion is to make it Bluefin KDE, but as I think about it, it’s easy for me to just say something like “You can use Bluefin - they have a KDE variant at the bottom of the page.”

It’s sort of an embellishment, but I also talk about Bazzite like it’s its own distro anyways, just so I don’t need to explain the whole uBlue infrastructure.

While i understand the thoughts and skepticism on this, i truly believe that staying with the names we already have is the correct choice. Bazzite, Bluefin and Aurora (im skeptical about Aurora because its just Bluefin with kde for now) might not be so descriptive for users that have experience with linux but for the average user that has only used windows? Oh boy, that’s perfect.

An average user won’t care what kde or atomic even means. I would be frightened to try a distro called Atomic KDE if i was new to this. Stay stable to the branding just like all other distros. It’s the same reason why Ubuntu is called Ubuntu and not Canonical KDE or Canonical Gnome.

This convention is awesome for Linux people and terrible for new users / non-linux people. They don’t know what is KDE, what is GNOME, they know Windows, Chrome, MacOS. This old fashioned convension is basically another wall keeping users scared and away to try Linux.

Maybe it is because of my SWE background, but I found those name less confusing and more “standard”

Although I also like how “Bazzite”, “Bluefin”, and “Aurora” are recognizable and nice shortcut and showcase names

I sorta agree with this. That’s why I started the thread with the idea to fold the Aurora name into Bluefin. This way, it could be simpler. Bazzite is the ‘gaming distro’, Bluefin is the ‘non-gaming distro’, and ‘-DX’ stands for Developer Experience (aka “Don’t bother if you’re not a developer”).

Bazzite ships with KDE by default, Bluefin with GNOME - user don’t need to think about the additon of Aurora to Bluefin. They just use the default, no need to care about what DE any of them runs.

BUT, if you know what a DE is or have started to build a preference, then you have a clear label of “Bazzite GNOME” and “Bluefin KDE” images/ISO. But in the end, it’s all just Bazzite and Bluefin (and uCore, I guess).

That’s my thought process, at least. But tbh I just found it weird that Aurora is its own thing when we treat it as “Bluefin but KDE”, and the category kinda stood out while I was reading the forum.

I agree with both sides.

uBlue is nice for getting first time users. Keeping tech stuff out of the names makes sense.

But Aurora is not its own variant. It is Bluefin but with KDE, even descending from the same repo.

Its main terminal uses GTK even though Konsole profiles could work too.

It is a strange situation, and it has pros and cons. Having these images presented is cool, but I miss the old website with all the images. For sure it was messy, but now people may not know they can rebase between all of these images!