Rename "Aurora" to "Bluefin KDE" and "Aurora-DX" to "Bluefin-DX KDE"

FWIW Bazzite is exactly why I started this topic. Outside of our community and immutable communities, pretty much everyone just says Bazzite. It’s great branding and SEO. I wanted that out of Bluefin as well.

I think Aurora’s name and website is cool, but having more branding and names just make it more complicated. So just make it a sub-page or category under Bluefin or something - and for any alternate Bluefin, just do a Manjaro and list in under Community Edition.

Besides, “Bluefin and Aurora” is the only category that’s different. See the Categories sidebar. “General, Bazzite, Bluefin and Aurora, UCore, Contributing, Framework Laptops, Site Feedback” Is it supposed to be one category, or is it supposed to be two different things?

Edit: see Bluefin/Bazzite for Framework laptops - #7 by Matt_Hartley and we’re already treating Aurora as just “Bluefin but KDE” anyways. Might as well just consolidate everything in one name and one site for easier branding, SEO, and discovery.

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