Documentation Style Guidelines

General Guidelines

Forum users can contribute to documentation by either editing current ones or adding their own. Make sure to follow the general community guidelines and keep documentation within the topic.

Creating New Documentation

Users can create a new post and tag it as documentation.

Questions and support threads are NOT documentation! Please do not open a thread asking for guidance and tag it as documentation!


  • General = Documentation that is a catch all (Bluefin/Aurora, Bazzite, and most custom images)
  • Bluefin and Aurora = Documentation that applies to Bluefin and Aurora
  • Bazzite = Documentation that only applies to Bazzite

Editing Current Documentation

Some documentation is a wiki. Users can make changes to this documentation if they please.

If you are editing current documentation that already exists, then make sure to follow the format properly that the documentation has already established. Do not change the format, or else your changes will be reverted by an administrator or moderator.